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She didn't want to spend her time on gossip. As a modern woman with knowledge and ideas, she had her own way to make her life as full as possible under the existing conditions. Every morning, she would get up early, wash up and have breakfast, accompanied by Ding Er and Qin Er, take a walk around the house. Then she would go to pay her respects to Mrs. Shen and accompany her to the old lady's house. Although the eldest maid of the Deguang Courtyard is now Donger, the old lady is still used to asking Le Yizhen when she has something to do, so Le Yizhen is the only one of the nine aunts who goes to the Deguang Courtyard every day to pay her respects. After coming out from the old lady, Le Yizhen would return to Qunfang Courtyard, either to learn needlework from Aunt Sun, or to sit with Aunt Gu and enjoy tea and read books with her. In the evening, she would open the word stickers borrowed from Aunt Gu, spread out the rice paper on the table, learn the font on the word stickers, and write down the modern parenting knowledge she could remember. For one thing, she did this in order to have a reference to look at in the future, so that she wouldn't be unable to remember when she needed to use it, and for another,wholesale plastic pallet, in order to practice calligraphy. Although people in this era write, as long as it's not cursive, she can recognize it very well, but if she really picks up the wolf's hair pen herself, the words she writes are like the traces of earthworms crawling over. After more than ten years of reading, she came here but could not write, which made her feel very uncomfortable. Among the aunts,foldable bulk container, she was only close to Aunt Sun and Aunt Gu. Although Aunt Yin was close to her, she always felt that she could not figure out this person's mind. She had the idea of rejection in her heart and never took the initiative. As for the other aunts, they were just friends who met and greeted each other. They were afraid of the old lady's prestige and did not dare to trouble Le Yizhen at ordinary times. At night, when Le Yizhen couldn't sleep, she sat in the yard and counted the stars. Occasionally, she heard the footsteps of Huai yuanju coming back. She stayed in front of the gate of an aunt's yard. Then she "squeaked" the sound of the gate opening. She "kicked" into the yard and into the house, and the footsteps disappeared. If one day Huaiyuan Ju entered Aunt Luo's yard, Le Yizhen would hear Luo Jinying light up her unique high-pitched voice and shout in surprise: "Sir!" The volume was amplified so that the whole Qunfangyuan could hear it. I don't know whether Huai yuanju remembered his promise to Le Yizhen or because he couldn't remember Le Yizhen at all. In short, since Le Yizen lived in Qunfang Courtyard, Huai yuanju had never set foot in her courtyard once. Gradually, Le Yizhen's heart was completely relaxed, and she lived a leisurely life of raising the fetus, paying her respects, plastic pallet supplier ,collapsible pallet box, reading and practicing calligraphy. Chapter 30 Danger Relief (1) When Le Yizhen was a maid, she stood out from the crowd among the maids in the mansion with her indifferent attitude. Now that she has become an aunt, she still looks tranquil and aloof. She has never participated in the gossip and bullying of the women in the deep house. She is not involved in any jealous thing that brings the lawsuit to the old lady or Huaiyuan Ju. Especially her attitude towards Huai yuan Ju is simply amazing to the people of the whole Huai Mansion. In the past, people would talk about Aunt Gu, who did not fight or rob, and held a dispensable attitude towards Huai yuanju. But at least Aunt Gu knew her duty as a concubine, and although she did not rob the man Huai yuanju, she did not push him either. Now this Aunt Le is very good, completely ignoring the head of the Huai family. It is said that every night, after paying her respects to the old lady, she returns to the Qunfang Courtyard and locks her own door. Occasionally, he met Huai yuanju, and the two of them were as polite as strangers. There was no such man in the life she had arranged for herself. She voluntarily put herself in the position of an abandoned woman, but she was satisfied with it. If it had been someone else, the women in the house who had climbed up and trampled down would have laughed at the gossip and drowned the man with saliva. It happened that the person who acted in this way was Le Yizhen. Not only did they not dare to look down on her, but they respected her in the dark. It seemed that the loneliness and pride of the former lady of a good family were a kind of temperament beyond their reach. She is like the hibiscus tree planted on the east wall of Qunfang Courtyard, growing there silently, neither making public nor being timid, letting the crows fly around, and she stands still. As long as you look over, you will see her charming figure. Occasionally, the wind blows, and the lotus petals that float down are as light as flying feathers and as beautiful as the rosy clouds. Because of her quietness, the aunts in Qunfangyuan did not feel threatened by her and were polite to her. Even Aunt Wei, who loved to gossip at ordinary times, could not find her fault and could only greet her with a smile. However, Aunt Le, who had always been aloof, was involved in a dispute that day. It was the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar year. Early in the morning, Le Yizhen had eaten Laba porridge at the Tekuang Courtyard. The second wife, Wang, the third wife, Kuang, and the fifth wife, Dong, and several young women from the mansion came one after another to ask the old lady and Mrs. Shen to go to the ancestral temple to worship their ancestors. Le Yizhen knew that she could not enter the ancestral temple, so she got up and retired, and wanted to go back to Qunfangyuan. Because of the snow particles the night before, the weather was suddenly cold early in the morning, and the melted and unmelted snow particles were frozen together, and the road was shiny and slippery. Mrs. Shen was afraid that Le Yizhen would fall on the road, so she ordered the woman outside to prepare a small sedan chair and let her go back by sedan chair. Le Yizhen looked at his stomach,plastic pallet box, which was already in the shape of a semicircle, and did not refuse to let Ding Er hold him in the sedan chair and go back to Qunfang Courtyard. The sedan chair has just entered Qunfang Courtyard. There was a violent quarrel. Aunt Luo's unscrupulous cursing pierced the cold air. Oscillating the eardrum. Le Yizhen frowned. He lifted the curtain of the sedan chair and distinguished the direction. She found that the noise came from Aunt Gu's yard. She hesitated a little. She told the woman who carried the sedan chair, "Stop the sedan chair at the door of Aunt Gu's house." The women received the order. Go to the gate of Aunt Gu's courtyard. Get off the sedan chair. Ding'er lifted the curtain of the sedan chair. Fu Le Yi Zhen got out of the sedan chair. Half holding and half carrying Le Yizhen into the yard. cnplasticpallet.com

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Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life
Blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts
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